Promax Africa?

I hadn’t realised that Promax had country dependant awards but now I do know, and how do I know you may well ask? The very talented Gemma Baukham has just won another 2 silver Promax awards for a trail I shot with her for BBC WorldWide trail showcasing ‘Come dine with me, South Africa’. This trail has already won an award for the photography from the New York Festivals 2014 so it’s lovely that it won another 2 in the categories of ‘Best Entertainment Promo’ and ‘Best Promo not using programme footage’ ( a nice catchy title there). Here it is;

It was shot on an Arri Alexa using Cooke S4’s. We shot in south London but the brief was for it to look hot morning in South Africa so we lit mostly from outside with large sources. It was shot in a day which caused a certain level of panic as there was –  A. a lot to shoot and B. an odd bird that initially refused to do as was asked of it! There is one shot in the promo that I have always hated but there is no way I’m going to tell you which one and overall I think the promo works really well. It was a brave direction for Gemma to take by not having voice over or an clips and I know she met with some opposition but I really think it paid off.

Just before I sign off I thought I’d put this one up as well. It’s a promo for an exhibition at the ‘London Museum’ that looks at Sherlock Holmes. Again shot in a day with half at the Museum and half in a greenscreen studio it was a tough call but all got done with time for a coffee at the end. We shot it on an Epic with our rehoused Nikon primes. The film was posted by FGreat in London who did a splendid job of it.

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