Well, as is normal for this time of year I’ve had a bit of time to get things back in shape. This translates roughly to ‘doh, bloody quiet isn’t it!’ Still, much to my relief, the phone has started ringing again and some interesting films are bubbling away now which will be great. I have seen the first cuts of The Lighthouse, the film I shot at the tail end of last year, and it all looks very promising. In fact, and I’m not one for doing this, but I’d say it could be a real cracker. Chris Crow, the director, with editor John Gillanders,  have managed to create a daunting atmosphere and I can’t wait to start hearing the score and dub. So, what have I done with all my time? Well I’ve managed to get hold of some of my recent work and have cut new showreels for drama and commercials. They are on the drama and commercials pages on the site but just to make it doubly simple I’ll add them below also. I hope you enjoy them, it was really nice to look back at some of the work I did last year and it reminded me of all the fun we had making the films.