Well they say that it’s third time lucky and I have just heard that ‘Playing Burton’, a film I shot, has been nominated for a Welsh BAFTA. I say third time lucky as it is actually the third film that I have worked on that has been nominated for a BAFTA. The first was actually a pilot episode that I made with Upsidedown Films which I co-own. It was a very long time ago and stared Jason Hughes. It was directed by film-maker Wyndham Price and actually shot by my business partner and long-time friend Zoran Veljkovic SAS. The SAS is the Serbian Association of Cinematographers rather than the other type of shooting that goes on with the army version! The pilot was the first episode of what would have been six if it had been commissioned. As Zoran had already worked with Wyndham I took on the duties of the producer which was an interesting experience and, if I’m honest, not one I will repeat! However I am a great believer in having a good understanding of other departments and this certainly helped me appreciate some of the struggles that production constantly deal with. The second nomination came for a comedy drama that was directed by the very talented and lovely Misha Manson-Smith. This time I did shoot it and once again it was a rather long time ago. We shot it on a PDW800 with a pro35 and some Zeiss glass. It was called Delta Forever and still today I am very fond of it. This time it was a Scottish BAFTA that the nomination was for.

So now to 2014 and the third nomination, again for a Welsh BAFTA (results not in as this is written). As with the first nomination, this was directed by Wyndham Price and this time is a feature film biopic. Zoran was not available for this shoot so I filled his very large boots and took the reins to DoP the film. It is very closely modelled on the stage play of the same name which is a monologue given by an actor playing Richard Burton. We were very fortunate to have Josh Richards play the role for us and he gave a mesmerising  rendition of the character. Wyndham pulled everything together beautifully and really made a rather lovely film of which I am very proud of my part. Fingers crossed that this time we win. There are excerpts on the drama tab of this site if you want to see any more of either Playing Burton or Delta forever.