Well it has hasn’t it? But I suppose all good things need to end and now the shooting schedule is properly building up. I haven’t posted for a while which is mainly as I’ve enjoyed a relaxing holiday and returned to find most of my clients doing the same! With the absence of any work for my RED I decided to take a documentary for NHK, the Japanese broadcaster. I like to do at least one documentary a year as they remind me of skills which can be forgotten when you have big teams of people with you. It’s not just that though, it’s also a bit self-indulgent as I really love shooting them – what’s not to like? Firstly you, almost always, learn something or see a different reality to the world that you think exists and secondly you have to make instant decisions about how the story should be photographed. You enter a space and often have only a matter of seconds to work out the best camera position to tell the story in the most interesting way. It’s a rollercoaster of risk versus coverage – do you shoot using the best of the light even if it risks not getting all the coverage, or do you settle with a flatter light or background but cover all the action. Well this documentary was very sedate.  It was a behind the scenes look at the British Museum and their enormous Japanese collection which I have to say was fascinating. A far cry from my last documentary which was directed by acclaimed director, Penny Woolcock, and looked at the fragile peace process being brokered by two of the most notorious gangs in Birmingham (UK).  This was an amazing film and won the Michael Powell award for feature documentary although I can honestly say that my part was a small one and Penny ended up shooting 50% of the film herself as the gang members became increasingly suspicious of any additional people throughout the difficult process.

So, what’s coming up now? Firstly a quick look back at the last few projects. Dr Who has started again and I was brought in to record all the greenscreen promo material for worldwide sales, as you can see from the photo I took the opportunity to have a spin in the Tardis!

The Travel Channel asked me to shoot a promo for them to show off their new series with Henry Cole on his world wide bike adventures. We had an absolute ball as Henry took advice from a select group of over the top individuals in a fast cut comedy trail. I can show you some stills but the trail is still under wraps, although I promise to put it up as soon as I can.

Finally, UEFA, needed a commercial to showcase their new multi-platform streaming system which was a complex greenscreen shoot. Again, no finished product that I am allowed to show, but a few frame grabs. The premise was that a fan is sitting in his living room and, through the device, is transported into the middle of a stadium. This was all virtual with the guys at FGreat doing a tremendous job of the post, creating a photo-real  environment for our actor to be in.

Coming up there is an advert for cinema release to promote an exhibition on Sherlock Holmes, another greenscreen extravaganza for contactless payment, and hopefully another set of idents for BBC Worldwide.  The big excitement though is that it looks like we start principle photography on Chris Crow’s next feature, The Lighthouse, in November of this year.  Much, much more on this as we start getting into pre production. It’s getting busy so I look forward to more news soon.