Well it seems a while since I posted on the completion of principle photography for ‘The Lighthouse’ so I thought I’d update you on it’s progress. It was officially released in July 2016 by ‘Soda’, the distributor and being a Welsh story it enjoyed a good theatrical run in Wales. It showed in cinemas across the whole of Wales for about 6 weeks which is terrific. Sadly, as is often the case for indie films, it was deemed that a UK or international theatrical release was not financially viable so it went straight to DVD after the Welsh release. This is sad as ‘The Lighthouse’ is really a cinema film, it has a visual and sound space that gets under your skin when experienced in the scale that a cinema offers. I can see it’s a hard sell but, and I know I’m biased, it seems a waste as ‘The Lighthouse’ is a pretty good story and a slow-burning cauldron that leaves you exhausted by the end. It’s a shame that distributors are so risk averse but that is the way it is now. If you fancy watching it you can find it on Amazon or BFI to hire or buy as well as on DVD from all the usual suspects. I’ve been told it’s available on SKY Movies also but haven’t checked. In the mean time here are a couple of extracts for you to watch. The first is a montage of the film that sort of follows the narrative and the second are a few full scenes. Hope you enjoy them.