If I’m honest with you I was a nervous man when thinking about the first week of shooting on Lighthouse. The week was all the location scenes in the film and the majority were beach exteriors. The problem with being on a beach is there is nowhere to hide! If it rains, it rains, if the sun shows its face, it shines, if it’s windy it…. well you get the idea. However, we were very,very,very lucky and almost had the weather we wanted on cue, just as the first called scene complete the weather would morph into what we needed for the next set up. Amazing and surprising. It’s an absolute pleasure to be shooting with Chris Crow again who always manages to get the best from everybody and the performances from the leads Mike Jibson and Mark Lewis Jones certainly back this up. Here are a couple of framegrabs from this weeks shooting;

The look we are getting is very much what we’d set out to achieve. We are shooting on a RED Epic with the Dragon sensor coupled with some old 1980’s Nikon glass. These lenses really flare beautifully and allow the super sharp sensor to lose some of the hard edged resolution that it can give. It’s working very well for us although my focus puller, Keefa Chan, has to work double hard as they are a bit of a bitch to use. We are mainly shooting 4K but move to 5 or 6K when we are shooting plates or need the shot to be a little wider. As you use more of the sensor in 6K than 4K the same lens will give a wider shot. To give you an idea of where we are going with the visual style I thought it might be interesting to share the mood film that we originally made to show the backers.

This was achieved by using a rather large amount of lens whacking and also throwing on a lens baby every now and then. As we move further into the deterioration of one of our characters minds we will be employing a lot more of these techniques which I’ll chat about when we get to it. I’ve modified a few lenses to help this along but again I’ll talk more about this when we start using them. Finally I thought I’d show you a few of the references that I found to start off discussions on the look with Chris. I always find it useful to have these as a starting point and can’t wait to emulate them more and more as we move on with Lighthouse.


Well it’s all in the title isn’t it? We were all delighted when it was announced that Playing Burton won the Welsh BAFTA in the 2014 category of Best Film/Single Drama. Even if I say so myself, it is a terrific film. Headed up beautifully by director Wyndham Price combined with a fantastic performance by Josh Richards as Burton. It’s a winning combination and the judges did well to recognise it. This was shot on a RED ONE with the original sensor and really has a lovely feel to it. We used old Nikon lenses which allow the flares and imperfections to add a certain texture that suited this subject well. It has been on Sky Arts about 100 times but never had a theatrical release, it would be lovely if this gave it enough of a push to get it there as it really is a big screen film.