It’s a start

Having recently adopted Twitter, I know about 100 years after the rest of the world, I have started thinking about how easy it is to share things. So, it seemed like it might be fun to keep track of what I’m doing but jotting it down for all to see. I’ve never been a diary person so who knows if this will work or not, or indeed if anyone will look, but worst case it might be cathartic for me. What do I want to say? I want to keep people up to date with what I’m doing so that my clients know if I’m shooting anything that might be useful for them, I want to jot down any challenges and successes or failures that I have had in making shots work so that colleagues might see something that helps or help me find solutions to the failures, I want to document the thought process in making the longer form stuff I’m working on and finally I want this to be a two way discussion so please let me know if you have found better solutions than me or think of different ways of approaching problems. I have never understood why people are ever protective about methods or techniques, I will willingly divulge anything that I know which might help a fellow film-maker and I think that makes for a better place to be where hopefully we will all move forwards. What you might have to put up with if you do read this is 1. poor spelling – sorry doesn’t seem to be a spell check and my school was of the time that ideas were the only important thing, bollocks to grammar and spelling 2. rants against small mindedness and petty self development at the expense of others – one of my real hates and 3. willful self indulgance when I discover something that is interesting and new to me irrespective of how interesting it is to others, my wife puts up with this frequently, like my bewilderment on here, there and now  which boils down to my childlike and constant amazement at how different things are at the same time in different places with different people or how I still get a little weirded out every time I get off a plane and find myself in a location so different to where we took off from, or coming out of the cinema and it’s day time…. the list goes on….

Anyway, what am I doing now? Just finished some beauty spots for Max Factor which I am not allowed to put up yet but will do in the next couple of weeks. They came off the back of a fashion slot for House of Frazer, I’ve put a couple of framegrabs in but one of the final films is on the commercials page of this site, this has also led to a similar thing for Monsoon that shoots next week. Also shot a trail for BBC WorldWide promoing a strand of films on conflicting advise on health, I’ll put the film up as soon as I can. Coming up is another BBC trail, shooting this week, also for Worldwide promoing Secret Millianaire which BBC are sales agents for (I think). There are also some longform films in development. The Lighthouse which I will bang on about as we get more into development. It is fully funded by the Welsh Film Council and looks likely to shoot in September this year. Very exciting film with my good friend and superb director Chris Crow. Some of you might already know that we worked together on a Viking Film 18 months ago, Viking, The Darkest Day. We had a ball shooting this one and it turned out pretty well, selling internationally. If you want to see it it’s available in all good retailers, Amazon, iTunes and google app store. There’s a tease in the Drama page of this site. Finally also working on the first block of a feature called ‘The Snare’. This has rumbled on for a while but the plan is to shoot for 6 days in Nigeria in May. This will complete all the African scenes. The film is a thriller that explores how big corporations feed off smaller societies, looking like doing good, but actually positioning themselves for world domination! It’s a rollercoaster and could be fun, spearheaded by David Ogunde. I’ll post more on these as we gear up. Anyway, enough for now, I’ll let you know how Monsoon and BBC go next week.

Framegrab House of Frazer beauty spot
Framegrab House of Frazer beauty spot
Framegrab House of Frazer beauty spot
Framegrab House of Frazer beauty spot

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