“I know it’s heresy for a DP to say, but I believe that ‘content is king’. It therefore follows that my images can only be truly successful if they are in  sympathy with that content. The core has to be to tell the story in the most  appropriate manner; the joy comes from doing it in such a way that it enhances  the audiences connection to that content, forcing a stronger bond between them  and it. If the images succeed in doing this then in many ways they subliminally become a character in their own right, and I am a very happy man!”


Alex has been  fascinated with images since a very early age, buying his first camera at seven  and building a darkroom at 13. He studied at several fine art based courses in Bath college of Art, Chelsea School of Art (London) and Sir John Cass Faculty (Whitechapel,  London) before working as a photojournalist. During this period he exhibited his photography in two central London shared shows and completed a degree in  Photography, Film and Video (2:1). In the early 1990s he developed a passion for cinematography and has focused on this since. Now, as a Director of Photography  he shoots a wide range of dramas, documentaries and commercials for both cinema and television release. In addition he has written and directed a children’s  drama series. He feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to bridge all these genres which he believes has given him an unusually broad range of tools to draw from.

Alex owns a RED DRAGON Kit.